Wrap up warm with generously thick woven throws in silky soft cotton yarn or create a tablescape with stonewashed handloom woven cotton placemats. Brush your teeth with your feet deep in a thick tufted bath mat. India is cotton! Our Indian Cotton products comes certified as Eco Cotton and Better Cotton Initiative. Dyes are Oekotex! We fulfill your needs of sustainable cotton collections!


Jute – The Ancient Golden Fiber. This carbon dioxide neutral and 100% biodegradable fiber comes from the jute plant growing tall in the Indian monsoon climate. The rain fed crop produces, after a simple process, beautifully shiny long fibers ranging in colour from silky off-white to golden brown.

Watered by the abundant rainfall, jute requires virtually no fertilizers or pesticides. At Iding&James we use the versatile jute fibers pure or mixed with silk, cotton or wool in our textiles for the beautiful characteristics of this humble plant. It is strong, durable, colour and light fast. It protects against UV rays, insulates from sound and temperature and has antistatic properties. We use both power loom and hand loom in our manufacturing of carpets, cushion covers, table runners and tablets. Talk to us about what we can do to integrate jute in your product ideas to make them more sustainable.

Chindi-lisiously versatile – and talking about recycled materials - our Chindi rag rug collection deserves a chapter all of their own. These beautiful rugs are handwoven on pit looms – using both left over tailor cutting and left over mill made cutting to give intrinsic weave and texture to the rugs. All leftovers of cotton, polyester and silk blended fabric cuts are produced with GRS certification and with Reach certified chemicals.

Jute, leather and suede, denim, paper, chenille mixes give colour and texture inspired by Scandinavian simplicity or a recycled colour statement on your floor -  you choose from hundreds of patterns and details when you work with our manufacturers. Come see for yourself in our showrooms. You decide the size!

The latest in digital prints are mastered by our manufacturers and printed samples can be provided to you at speed for most types of prints including of course silk screen. We can manage smaller printed quantity for you -  contact us for corporate promotion item ideas. Our team of designers will help you find what suits your requirements for items such as rugs, mats, cushions and all sorts of kitchen and table textiles.

If you are looking for more artisanal approach to prints and patterns let us show you our selection of fabrics made in Rajasthani towns of Sanganer or Bagru.  Printing workshops passed down through generations use traditional hand carved wood blocks dipped in dye. The colours and patterns slowly grow on the tightly stretched fabric, through the meticulously pressede ‘gudh’ background block, overlaid by the ‘rehk’ outline block and the final ‘datta’ filler block.

Scandinavian simplicity, function and quality forms the base of our collections, but who can resist the sumptuous Indian textile tradition of both fabrics and prints. Not Iding & James! Mix and match simplicity with a sparkling gem coloured palette in rich velvets and silks. Sensual to the touch and completely irresistible. Indian silk production goes back to 2500 BC - explore brocade silk from Northern India or consider thick Dupioni silk for bed spreads and curtains. And fill your sofa with a row of thick 100% combed cotton velvet cushions. We provide exclusive fabric on roll as well.

India has a great tradition of recycling and upcycling textiles in the domestic market - from making beautiful baby blankets out of used sari-material to preloved fabric weft in rag rugs. Panipat, not far from our Delhi showroom, is the world’s largest recycling hub for wool and acrylics. Other centers around this vast country handle all types of textiles and fibers both pre-and post-consumer waste. By working with Global Recycle Standard certified manufacturers we are well placed to offer you a product range making use of a sustainably reused materials.